Artikelen door Erik Goos

Single-point Lubricator Buyer’s Guide

Source: Around 60 to 80 percent of bearing failures can be traced back to a lubrication issue, whether it’s poor lubricant selection and application, lubricant contamination or lubricant degradation. A single-point lubricator is a device engineered to regularly and automatically deliver a small amount of clean grease or lubricating oil to a specific area. […]

Tips For Better Oil Samples

Basic Oil Sampling Tips Oil samples can affect your oil analysis results. That small 70 mL sample submitted to your lab represents all the oil circulating in the equipment. Here are a few simple tips you can take to ensure you get a good, clean sample, that is representative of the oil in your system. […]

Setting Up a Tank for Contamination Control and Oil Analysis

Source: Operators and managers often overlook the critical role played by lube-oil reservoirs that support rotating machinery, hydraulics and mechanical power transmissions. Often viewed as lifeless metal tanks and sumps, half-hidden from sight and inaccessible, reservoirs are not only treasure chests of information, but they offer a convenient stage from which to perform remedial […]

Linking Enhanced Reliability to the State of Lubrication

Source The lubricant Optimum Reference State (ORS) is a critical concept in the journey to world-class lubrication and enhanced machine reliability. In short, it is the prescribed state of machine configuration, operating conditions and maintenance activities required to achieve and sustain specific reliability objectives. Lubrication excellence is achieved when the current state of lubrication […]